We are currently creating interactive sliders of our work for you to view and appreciate. We will try and update these as regularly as possible.   

This protected mature oak tree was given an overall Crown Reduction of 2m. 

Deadwood over 50mm was removed from this Ash tree.

These Birch trees were removed due to their poor condition and to make way for a new area of planted trees.

Due to being identified as the cause of subsidence, these conifers were removed and the stumps gound out.

This Pear tree was removed to allow more light into neighboring gardens.

An annual trim for these conifers was undertaken for a regular customer. Deadwood was also removed from their trees.

To allow light into the neighbouring property a Crown Lift was undertaken on this Protected Oak tree

A crown reduction and reshape was carried out on this cherry.

This Lime tree was crown lifted to allow more light into the customer's garden.

A crown reduction and reshape was carried out on this oak tree.


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